La Batuta
La Batuta is Spanish for the baton, why? This historical novel is set during the Spanish Civil War (1936-39) and consists of fifteen chapters. Each chapter has a main character. That could be a priest, a little girl or a Dutch volunteer. Each character in his or her chapter will have something to do with the character in the next chapter. So it looks like a relay where the baton is passed, La Batuta. Each character tells his or her story, how did he or she experience that civil war. Fact and fiction alternate or sometimes overlap.
The characters Together with a prologue (how did the Spanish Civil War work), each character tells his or her story. We conclude with an epilogue, narrated by Sophia (a character from the previous novel Journey to the Spanish Civil War).
Alfonso - a landowner who falls victim to a lynching in revenge for years of exploitation.
Filippe - a villager taking part in that lynching of Alfonso.
José - an officer on Franco's side. He is transferred to assist in the crossing of Moorish soldiers from Morocco to the mainland of Spain.
Tariq - a Moorish warrior, warriors notorious for their ferocity. Tariq turns out to be just human after all.
Juan - the boy in a village that is ambushed by Moorish soldiers. It costs him and his mother the ears.
Enrique - when the Alcazar in Toledo is besieged by militias from Madrid, he has to give one last mass there. A true story.
Dolores - a girl in Santander whose father is director of the shipyard. She befriends for life with Maria, a girl from lower circles. A friendship that should last a lifetime soon comes to an end.
Alesandro - Italian "volunteer" sent to Spain by Mussolini to fight on Franco's side. Does he have anything to do with Dolores' death?
Heinrich - aircraft mechanic of the German Condor Legion. Was General Mola's plane crash really an accident? Based on a true event.
Alejandro - officer who first sided with the republic. He was the architect of Bilbao's defenses, but later sided with Franco with that design. Based on an existing character.
Fernando - priest in the Basque Country. Although the Catholic Church sided with Franco, there were also priests who helped the Republican population with food, shelter and shelter.
Coranita - a nurse who gradually sees her view of the war change. Will she remain a nurse? And what do the letters Fedde finds have to do with her?
Fedde - Dutch volunteer in the International Brigades. The real story of an existing person. In March 1938 he leaves Vries in Drenthe to go to Spain. What do the letters he finds mean?
Joaquin - from factory worker to republican soldier. Will his life end in front of a firing squad?
Epiloog, Sophia - the war through the eyes of a child. Will the sun ever shine again in Spain and can we play outside again?
Ellen and I are busy writing this historical novel. We expect it to be published in the fall of 2021. If you are interested in this novel, please send me an email and let me know. We will then keep you informed. Or come here every now and then to see how far we are. At the moment, September 2021, 11 of the 15 chapters are ready. Unfortunatly this novel will also be in Dutch. Maybe there is an English publisher interested in translating and publishing? We are very happy with our proofreaders. Of course these are spelling mistakes, but everyone has their own aspect. Does the story run? Is it historically correct? And so many other things.