Media and links
Media There is of course a lot of media on the internet about the Spanish Civil War. Images, video and music. In addition, the necessary links to anything and everything. This overview can therefore never be more than a (very small) selection. If you find something that you think is worth adding to this overview, I'd love to hear from you. We start with music. During the Spanish Civil War a lot of music was made, music in the form of battle songs. But always to support, especially the Republican side. On this site, SoundCloud , I have collected some of them. Of course with a sound quality that fits the 1930s. Here you can see video recordings of the wreck of the Andra. She lies at a depth of 82 meters off the coast of Spain near Castro Urdiales. The images were made by diving center Mundo Submarino in Laredo, Spain. During my visit in 2016 I got them, along with the GPS coordinates, from owner Joseba. Here you will find a six-part documentary (English, no subtitles) by Granada Television that gives a good picture of the run-up and course of the war, The Spanish Civil War. Part 1: Prelude To Tradegy Part 2: Revolution, Counter-Revolution and Terror (this requires a login on YouTube) Part 3: Battleground For Idealists Part 4: Franco And The Nationalists Part 5: Inside The Revolution Part 6: Victory And Defeat But this documentary The Spanish Earth is worth watching. The film was made in 1937 by the Dutch filmmaker Joris Ivens with a commentary by Ernest Hemingway. The civil war was then in full swing. The outcome was not yet certain.
Links Foundation Spanje 1936-39 This Dutch foundation is mainly concerned with the Dutch volunteers who went to Spain to fight against Franco. Of course there have also been a number of volunteers who went to provide medical assistance such as doctors and nurses. You will also find an article on that site about the Andra, my grandfather's ship. Spain Warriors On this site you can read the biographies of those Dutch volunteers. Sometimes extensive, sometimes brief because so far not much has been found about this person. The site is managed by the IISG (International Institute of Social History) in Amsterdam. SIDBRINT This is the site of the University of Barcelona. The SIDBRINT project basically does the same as the previous one with the difference that it concerns all volunteers who have served in the International Brigades. Museo de la Paz (Museum van de Vrede) in Guernica/Gernika In Guernica, in the Basque Country, there is a museum about the bombing of the German Condor Legion on April 26, 1937. In 2016 I visited this impressive museum. Here you, as a visitor, are taken on a tour of what it must have been like back then. Gernika is the name of the town in Basque language. I found it rewarding there to use this name instead of the Spanish name.