Welcome dear visitor My name is Cor Faber and I live with Ellen in the beautiful quiet village of Vries in Drenthe. I've always been interested in history, but my grandfather's diary made it all over ten years ago. We in our family knew something about his adventures, but not many details. So that changed with the finding of that diary. In that diary Grandpa had described how, as a sailor, he had smuggled weapons to Spain on the ship the Andra in 1937 during the Spanish Civil War (1936-39). I used the diary to write a historical novel entitled Reis naar de Spaanse Burgeroorlog (Journey to the Spanish Civil War). Press the button below to read more about it. Since a diary is not yet a complete story, it took me over two years of research. My interest in the Spanish Civil War was born and I continued to do research and all kinds of other activities, such as visiting Spain where my grandfather's adventure took place. I also give lectures about grandpa's adventure and the Spanish Civil War. Done dozens of times throughout the Netherlands and for all kinds of organizations. Ellen and I are writing a new novel. It will be called La Batuta, Spanish for the baton. Why? Press the button below to read more about it. There is much to tell about the Spanish Civil War. It was the war that brought Franco to power in Spain as dictator. He remained that way until his death in 1975. Now you might think it was a local Spanish event. Nothing is less true. In fact, the whole world has had something to do with it. For example, Germany and Italy have already been fighting against Russia during that war. Certainly Germany regarded it as an exercise for the coming Second World War. Maybe you're not that interested in history. But maybe you will if you've looked around this site a bit. Send me an email for questions or suggestions or click on the buttons / images below to read more.
¡NO PASARAN!” (The will not pass) Banner in the streets of Madrid
Victims and wreckage in the streets of Madrid after a bombardement by a.o. the German Condor Legion
The catholic church took part in the fighting… that is, on the side of Franco
The Spanish
Civil War